Do the Kegel - the pelvic squeeze

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Kegel exercise and clitoral stimulation

"now here's the really motivating bit
kegeling puts pressure on your clit"
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3 Uterus
4 Cervix
5 Vagina
6 G-spot
7 Bartholin's Glands
8 Anus
9 Labia Majora
10 Labia Minora
11 Urinary Opening
12 Clitoris
13 Mons Veneris
14 Pubic Bone
15 Bladder

The pelvic floor (or pubococcygeus) muscles form a broad sling between your legs from the pubic bone in front to the base of your spine at the back. Well ladies - guess what little haven of sensation happens to be located right at the front of the base of our pubic bone 1? Mmmm... that's right .. officially known as the clitoral glans, the clitoris has only one known purpose ... to give women sexual pleasure! The clitoris is made up entirely of soft erectile tissue called corpus spongiosum. This is exactly the same type of tissue that comprises the glans of the penis. But the really interesting news girls is that the glans of the clitoris has just as many nerve endings as does the glans of the penis, but concentrated in a much smaller area. 2 Now that strikes me as an area worth stimulating!

This anatomical gem is what makes kegel exercise so much more attractive than abdominal exercises for instance! And as always - practice makes perfect. Women who have not experienced much or any clitoral sensation prior to starting a kegel exercise program, report dramatic increase in pleasurable feelings in this area after only a few weeks of regular pelvic squeezing. Some women are even able to bring themselves to orgasm solely through doing the kegel.
If that's not motivating then I don't know what is!

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1 The Marriage Bed
2 Anatomy of the Vulva

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